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Our partnership model and systems integrations mean that you benefit from key third-party solutions directly on the C-Breez platform, all for a fixed, transaction-based fee, minus the hassle of managing multiple systems or vendors.

Adelman Travel

Technology distribution partner offering inventory and trip management support. Package your own accommodation with over 400 airlines in North America and sell vacations, not just rooms.

Real time updates of rates, rate changes and room availability across many tour operator systems.

IBS Software (formerly HBSi)
Resort Data Processing (RDP)

Property management system with two-way synchronization of rates for near instant updates of hotel rates and offers.

Stay in control of your direct booking transactions: revenue is settled directly into your bank account and credit card data is secure thanks to the use of tokenization.

Shift4 Payments

Offer more ways for customers to buy from you directly by advertising and publishing rates on Meta channels such as Google and Kayak.

Promote direct bookings on one of the world’s leading travel sites.

Trip Advisor