Do you run your hotel, or does it run you?
C-Breez puts the power back into the hands of forward-thinking hotels.
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Why C-Breez?

Control. Booking. Profit.

The hotel industry has undergone radical change in recent years. Comparison websites and booking apps with transparent pricing and dictated commissions, have made it almost impossible for hotels to control sales.

Hotels depend on these online channels for business. But they’re being squeezed on both income and costs and have almost completely lost the ability to manage more profitable direct bookings. C-Breez changes all that.

C-Breez puts the power back into the hands of forward-thinking hotels.

The Solution

C-Breez Platform

  • Channel Manager

    Define rates and create offers for your guests. Construct flexible payment and cancellation policies. Publish your pricing to each tour operator individually, or bundle them together. And connect with tour operators through the leading hotel distribution platforms - whatever the size of your hotel or resort.

  • Direct Booking Engine

    Turn your website into a powerful sales platform, where guests can browse your offering, package together their dream holiday, and make a secure purchase.

  • Flights

    Give guests the convenience of buying flights packaged with accommodation - and at no extra cost - without leaving your website.

  • Integrations

    Take advantage of our automated integrations with IBS Software (formely HBSi) and RDP. Are you tired of manually updating your Tour Operators with new rates? We've got you covered!

  • TripAdvisor

    Bring more guests to your website by seamlessly integrating with TripAdvisor.

  • Meta-Search

    Reach even more customers by publishing your offer to various search engines through our DerbySoft integration. Your direct pricing will appear in search results for your potential guests.

  • Card Payments

    Let C-Breez take care of card payments. Give your guests the reassurance that their card data is processed in a secure and compliant way.

  • And Much More!

    Arrange a one-to-one demo to learn how C-Breez Platform will help you.

The Results

C-Breez Platform Enhances the Booking Experience

Increasing direct bookings is the first step in transforming hotel profits. C-Breez technology allows you to manage an increasing quantity and complexity of data independently – without waiting for, or relying on, other channels to do it for you.

The power is yours.

To improve differential pricing, release instant campaign promotions, add incremental sales, with more favourable margins… Who needs ADR when you can use C-Breez to directly impact hotel profits?

C-Breez is headquartered in the UK serving clients across Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia. Drawing on experience from almost 30 years in the hotel and travel industry, the C-Breez technology platform empowers the next generation of hoteliers to maximise customer value and transform business profits.

That’s the power.

Our Partners


C-Breez ensured a seamless transition into the Couples Resorts new booking platform, with zero disruption to the business. The support provided was excellent, we felt very well looked after. As a result we have seen a 27% increase in conversion through our direct channel and we couldn’t be happier.

 Glenn Lawrence, Couples Resorts CEO

Our Amazing Team

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Gary McNamara

Chief Executive Officer

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Renata Nazarczuk

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Jakub Konecki

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